Media Center

Media Center


Greetings from Conway Elementary School's Media Center!
Whether you are researching a school project, looking for information relating to your special interest, or looking for a good book to read, we have 100's of books available to choose from.

We are always on the lookout for good books to add to our shelves. Please let us know about any books you have read that you think we should add to our collection.

Volunteers Appreciated

Conway Elementary School's Media Center invites you to become a volunteer through our ADDitions School Volunteer program. ADDitions volunteers are committed to making our school's media center the best it can be. Media Center volunteers work during the times and days they wish and participate in activities that match their interest. You do not need to have a child attend Conway Elementary School to be a volunteer in our Media Center.

Media Center volunteers are always needed to help reshelf books! If you love alphabetical and numerical orders, this is the place to be!