Principal's Message

January 8, 2021

Dear Conway Cougar Families,

Happy New Year, Cougars! We had a great first half of our school year, despite the challenges, and we anticipate that the second part will be even better.

Just a few return-to-school reminders for January:

1. Face masks are required for all students, school personnel, and visitors on campus. (No gaiters or masks with valves permitted.)

2. Please do not send students to school if:
     -They have symptoms of COVID-19.
     -They have a temperature of 100.4°F or higher.
     -They are under evaluation for COVID-19 (for example, waiting for the results of a viral 
      test to confirm infection.)
     -They have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and are not yet cleared to discontinue

3. Please help us in reminding students about social distancing rules at school by:
     -Encouraging your child to keep their bodies to themselves (no touching others,
      especially at recess and during PE.)
     -Reminding your child to not swap food or clothing items with friends.
     -Reminding your child to only sit in his or her assigned seat, whether in a classroom or
      the cafeteria.
     -Reminding your child to sit appropriately in their assigned seat at lunch by facing
      forward, and talking only with classmates to their left or right (not the ones in front or
      behind them.)

It takes all of us, working together, to keep our Cougars healthy at school and at home.

Sean Maguire

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