Supply Lists

Supply Lists

Students need the right tools to help them be successful in school. Click on the link below to view our recommended student supply lists.

2020-2021 Supply Lists

Art Kit Supply List

To avoid the sharing of supplies, we are asking students to prepare their own Art Kit.
Students will use these supplies during their art class while working on
[email protected] or Face-to-Face at Conway. If working at school, kits will be kept with
the student in their classroom. Supplies do not have to be new. The classroom teacher
may have also requested some of the same supplies, and can be used for both regular
class and art class. Please label individual supplies or the bag containing supplies with
your child’s NAME and GRADE.

Basic Supplies:
● Pencils - several
● Pencil sharpener
● Erasers- either regular (like Pink Pearl) or pencil cap erasers
● Crayons - 16 count or higher
● Washable Markers - regular thickness, 8 count or higher
● Crayola Watercolors- 8 color set
● Black Sharpie Marker - several (Grades 2-5)
● Glue sticks
● Ruler
● Scissors
● Sketchbook - this may be a composition notebook, spiral notebook, handmade or an
actual sketchbook
● Drawing paper - 80 lb. or above, also called heavyweight; F2F students will be
provided paper
● Construction Paper - small package of assorted colors

● Colored Pencils - 8 count or higher
● Washable markers - fine point
● Paintbrushes- small variety pack, like Cra-Z-Art or Crayola

Questions??? Contact Mrs. Sears at [email protected]