Media Policies

Checking Out Books:

Before students may check out books from our media center they must return a signed permission letter. This letter is given to the students when they come to the media center for the first time every year for orientation or when they enter our school and come for their first media center visit.
Students in grades K and 1 may check out one book per week.
Students in grades 2 – 5 may check out two books at a time for a two week period.

Students may keep their library book(s) for the designated time period according to their grade level. All library books may be renewed for an additional two weeks except for Sunshine State book titles.

If a student does not return their library book(s) on or by the date it is due, they will not be permitted to check out additional books until they return the borrowed book(s).

Lost Books:

We lose many books each year and always appreciate when families help us keep that number low. If a book is lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair, it is the responsibility of the student who checked out the item to pay for it. This is one reason why we always encourage the students to keep the book for themselves and not lend it to another student.

If a book becomes damaged, please do not try to repair it yourself! The media center has special tapes and glues designed for book repair. If the book can be repaired using these items, it will be at no cost to the student. However, a book that gets wet, is colored in or on, has completely torn out pages, etc., cannot be repaired and will have to be paid for.

If it is difficult for a family to pay for a book, I am happy to accept payments in amounts as small as $1.00 per week until the obligation is met. Once the student begins paying for the lost book, normal check out can resume and will continue as long as regular payments are made. If payment does not continue on a regular basis, library books may not be checked out until payment resumes. Minimum payment will be $1.00. Payment must be in the form of cash or check made out to Conway Elementary School (if paying the full cost of the book).

You may email the Media Specialist at [email protected].